Truck Tool Storage Ideas and Work Truck Organization Ideas

Truck Tool Storage Ideas and Work Truck Organization Ideas

Here are a lot of great truck tool storage ideas you can use, and if you use your truck for work, some work truck organizational ideas, too.

The thing truck owners love most about their trucks most is the ability to store tools and haul anything, anytime, anywhere. Whether your truck is used as a work truck or for everyday purposes, your truck bed offers a unique advantage over other vehicles, which is a wide-open space to transport almost everything you could ever want to.

Pickup trucks offer a distinct feature that separates it from any other vehicle on the road today: an open bed.

Truck Tool Storage

Although the open space of a truck bed is often seen as a major advantage, the lack of secure storage can be a disadvantage for professionals in a work truck, or truck enthusiasts.

Tradesmen need to carry with them an extensive selection of tools and equipment. This makes secure storage of tools and equipment really important. This is a reason you see so many diamond plate toolboxes, diamond plate steel or aluminum is extremely strong and secure for truck tool storage. For an example, UWS is a reliable, high-quality brand of diamond plate toolboxes for your pickup. Better Built is another example of strong toolboxes built from diamond plate.

The same can be said for pickup trucks used by hunters or fishermen. When hauling camping equipment or fishing gear for your next adventure, you want to know that items left in the bed of the truck are securely stored.

Types of Truck Tool Boxes

It's common to see toolboxes installed in the bed of a pickup. Toolboxes can be permanently secured to the bed of the truck and usually have locking mechanisms. For workers whose livelihoods depend on the expensive tools secured in these storage boxes, both are crucial elements. 

There are several styles to choose from and many pieces are specifically designed for ease of access in the bed of your pickup. 

Porkchop toolboxes and lo-side toolboxes are both considered space-saving truck tool storage ideas. 

Porkchops sit above the wheel well with tool drawers that slide in and out. These toolboxes are shaped kind of like a porkchop. These tool drawers are useful for tools that are needed on a regular basis. 

Lo-side toolboxes sit between the cab of the truck and the wheel well on the side of the truck bed and often have trays that can be removed and carried with you.

Storage Chests Are Great Work Truck Organization Ideas

Storage chests, used for storage within the bed of a pickup, are all basically the same. The one difference in storage chest styles is the way in which they open. Chests known as mid-lid dual lid crossovers are the most convenient type as they offer a lids that work on separate hinges and open to the middle of the unit. This allows the tool chest to be easily accessed from either side of the truck. 

Tool storage chests that sport one central lid open towards the back of the truck cab and are not easily opened without climbing into the bed of the truck. Both styles of chests are popular with work truck owners simply because of the large amount of space that they offer to safely secure almost anything in the bed of your pickup.

Truck Tool Storage: Things to Look For

Latch and Lock: Spend the money to make sure you purchase a unit that offers top of the line security for your gear. Don't waste your time or money purchasing a toolbox or rool storage chest with an inferior locking mechanism. There is no reason to buy a less secure unit to save a few hundred dollars, when replacing stolen tools will cost you a whole lot more.

Ease of Use: Face it, if it's a hassle to use, you won't use it. Find a chest or toolbox that is convenient and fits your lifestyle. If there is no way you think you will ever want to climb in the back of the pickup bed, then storage chest with one central lid is not the right product for you. If you have a hard time with the locking mechanism that product is not for you. Steer clear of any product that makes the storage process more difficult than necessary.

Material: There are three main materials used in toolboxes and storage chests designed for the bed of a pickup – steel, aluminum, and plastic. There are advantage and disadvantages to all three but with a little research you will know which is right for your unique needs. 

Truck Tool Boxes for Specific Trucks

If you want a tool box designed for your specific truck, there are many options to choose from. Here are just a few:

Ford Ranger Toolbox

This toolbox will fit the Ford Ranger and other mid-size pickup trucks including Sonoma and S10 pickups. Made from diamond plate aluminum and from UWS it's a great way to safely store tools.

Dodge Ram Toolbox

Do you have the new 2019 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup? Here's a great Ram tool box that includes a tonneau cover, from Extang.

Toyota Pickup Tool Box

Toyota Tacoma owners, we didn't forget you! Here's a Toyota pickup tool box, also from Extang, that includes a tonneau cover.

When it comes to secure, storage supplies for to install in the bed of your pickup truck, 21 Motorsports is here to help. From steel toolboxes to aluminum topside truck boxes we have you covered.

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